You are a unique and complex person. You are not defined by the issues that bring you to my office. Let me help you on this journey to better understand and work through the issues that impact your intimate, social and or work relationships.  Let's work together to address the issues that prevent you from finding a work-life balance or care properly for your health and well-being. And when you are ready, let's explore the impacts of traumatic experiences. It is my goal to help you connect the dots of your inner experience to your daily struggles. These realizations can be frightening, but they are also powerful motivators for change. 

During therapy, we work together. I give feedback, pose challenges, and make observations that you are encouraged to think about, reject, or elaborate on.  This type of open dialogue helps you work on your emotional awareness and understanding. Better awareness and understanding enhances confidence and the ability to connect with others in healthy ways.

Crisis Management

Individual - Are you suffering from a traumatic experience? Exposure to a traumatic event can take many forms, including natural disaster, violence, crime, or a death of a loved one. The psychological trauma you experience is the result of the inability to integrate the emotions involved with that experience. Together we will explore your experience with compassion and care. I will ask you to pay extra attention to yourself during and between our sessions. You will start to notice physical sensations that are associated with your emotional expression. I will help you connect with these feelings. This awareness or mindfullness will help you beyond the current crisis and will be a tool you can use for your entire lifetime. 


Couples' work is intense and it is very different than individual therapy. It is not unusual that one person is driving the couple towards therapy. Even with that disparity, I will teach each of you how to be present in therapy and with one another. I will help you learn to listen to each other with empathy; to truly partner in your marriage. The process can bring deeper understanding, painful truths and maybe even uncover lost joy

Sex Therapy/sex education

As a sex therapist and educator, I strongly believe that hangups about sex limit our social/emotional growth beginning as children. Let's work together to unpack these issues and create a foundation for healthy sexual relationships moving forward.

I am accepting and affirming of ALL relationship models including monogamy, polyamory, open relationships, power exchange dynamics, LGBT+ families and others. My goal is to help your relationship, however you define it, to thrive and grow.

Group Crisis Work - When traumatic events affect your work-site, school or community, my team will provide the group a safe place and the tools to begin the healing process. Group trauma is unfortunately on the rise. Exposure to crime, terrorist activities and natural disasters means groups are now sharing traumatic events. I will give the group the skills to move through the pain.